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Money Titleists

Wilsey Leads

Chuck Withey
Kevin Gregoire
Gregg Nothdurft
Kevin Gregoire
Kevin Gregoire
Chuck Withey
Corey McCue
Chuck Withey
Christopher Cooley
Jeff Klipa
Jeff Klipa
Greg Kline
2011 Mike Prieskorn $206.80
2010 Greg Kline $272.77
2009 Rick Persichetti $184.67
2008 Bob Bruning $241.50
2007 David Martin $246.50
2006 Greg Kline $292.70
2005 Joe Castmore $271.80
2004 Rick Persichetti $237.50
2003 Rick Persichetti $170.00
2002 David Martin $177.00
2001 David Martin $152.50
2000 Sue Meland $136.00
1999 Todd Stuart $94.00


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The Mulligan Tour

Organized, Competitive, Tournament-Style Golf
for the Weekend Golfer

What is the Mulligan Tour?

  • Play up to 32 Season Tournaments plus 9 "play-in" and 2 "Silly Season" Events

  • Play for real money and trophies

  • Go on Tour and play up to 37 of the top golf courses in Southeast Michigan

  • Use Real Time Scoring to see how you are stacking up against the rest of the field. Can you make up those 3 strokes to win the tournament?

  • Different styles of play. Stroke Play, Match Play, Stabbleford, "Team Up" with the Pros, Ryder Cup, and Skins Games.

  • Track your standings all season long on the Money List and eight statistical categories

  • Our proprietary Handicapping System levels the field so whether you are a weekend hacker or tuning up for the Web.Com, everyone has an equal opportunity to win. Our membership is open to men, women, juniors and seniors of all abilities

  • We have a proud 26 year history of fun, competitive, camaraderie. Many of our tournaments go all the way back to a time where you had to walk off your yardages from sprinkler heads!

Win a tournament and we'll even take a picture of you holding a trophy and an over-sized check!  Can you beat that for a Pro experience?

The Mulligan Tour is the closest experience to being a Pro Golfer without the hassle of signing autographs.

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So if you’re tired of the same old golf leagues, or if you’re just ready for a new and exciting golf experience, then now is the time to join the Mulligan Tour.  The 2024 season will be the 26th year for the Tour.

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It is never too late to join.  Even if the Tour season has already begun, one can still join and start playing right away.  Members that join in mid season get a jump start on establishing their Mulligan Tour Handicap Index for next year.


See the Schedule link for the 2024 schedule.

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Join the Mulligan Tour Facebook Page for added info, insight, and conversation about the Tour and golf in general.  Easier than a 3 inch tap-in!


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Rules and Regulations updated for the 2024 season.

Members should print out the Rules & Regulations document and its recommended to keep a copy in your golf bag.

 Player's Handbook to help members through the procedures


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